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Tutoring+ = Tutoring for Kids, Advice for Parents

Tutoring Just Got an Upgrade

Dynamic Tutors managed by Credentialed Advisors who help parents manage the K12 Education Project.  It’s not just tutoring anymore. Parents need help too. 

K12 Tutoring for Kids + Advice and Support for Parents

For our parents and students: an AI/ML-enabled, collaborative, and networked technology platform with comprehensive family and student profiles and project management, scheduling, search and other tools and partner apps. 

For parents: A credentialed K12 Advisor:

  • to conduct Parent and Student Discovery calls and periodic Google Meet sessions,  
  • collects and documents grades, scores, work samples, teacher feedback, 
  • observes and asks questions to identify learning challenges/other issues earlier, 
  • communicate and establish a rapport with school/classroom, 
  • point to education and enrichment options, special opportunities, honors, 
  • discerning choice of school (public, private, alternative), accelerated program, etc
  • assists in choosing the right core/elective courses; 
  • family relocation support; choosing a new school, etc. 
  • specialized support for parents of children with learning or other disabilities. 

For students; (direct or via referral partners)

  • Academic Mentor (Tutor); graduates of top 4-year colleges/universities;  matched whenever possible according to common interests in sports, extra-curriculars, on-demand homework help and K-12 Tutoring; 
  • support based on Discovery Call with student, parent observations and input, teacher feedback, assessment results plus recommendations from K12 Advisor. 

K12 Advisors / Tutoring+ Enrollment: $99 

  1. Discovery Interviews; Parent & Student,
  2. Diagnostic Assessments, 
  3. Teacher Communication
  4. Online Student Learning and Development Profile
  5. Academy K12 Advisors: One Year Membership

K-12th grade hourly rates are $60. No contracts. No pressure. 

The only long-term commitment is the one we make to you

Though their child(ren) may not be in need of tutoring during a given semester, our busy parents reply on us for ongoing advice and support.

Problem: Busy, Working Parents Need to Manage the K12 Education Project

The #1 priority for parents is also their most complex, time-consuming, and psychologically-draining task; managing their child’s K12 education. This task disproportionately falls on moms. 

Solution: Credentialed K12 Education Advisors and support, a networked, app-based personal K12 Portfolio/Record, and in-app enrollment in tutoring and other services. 

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