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Tutoring+ = K-12 Tutoring + Year-Round Support for Parents

Welcome to Academy Tutoring+: K-12 Tutoring supervised by Credentialed Teachers plus Year-Round Advice and Support for Parents.

K - 12th grade hourly rates are $60. No contracts. No pressure. The only long-term commitment is the one we make to you.
Please tell us the approximate date you'd like to schedule the Discovery Interview (first half with you, second with your student) so that we may begin to get to know you and your family, schedule the assessment, if needed, and then the tutoring schedule.

Student Availability: Check 1) Days available. 2) Desired start time(s)
We will have a a call/video call with you after the Assessment during which you will be able to give us details on your child's situation. Thank you.

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