what makes our tutoring effective, unique, and personalized for your child

Our Tutors

All our Tutors have are well-qualified, experienced, with a demonstrated gift for teaching. All have a California Teaching Credential and/or multiple years of experience and a demonstrated record of success with students and high satisfaction expressed by parents.  If you don't agree, we will work to find the perfect fit.

Our tutors include both veteran educators with advanced degrees and broad experience and teachers starting out in their careers who are versed in the latest effective methods and educational technologies. The Director reviews our Tutor Profiles with each family and selects which Tutor is the best fit.
Academy Learning Center's Tutors faithfully implement the Custom Advancement Plan, communicate regularly with the family and school, and send frequent Progress Reports to ensure the achievement of the Advancement Plan goals. Advancement Plans are implemented and re-evaluated on a monthly basis.

Tutoring Sessions

The length of each tutoring session and the number of times per week a particular student receives tutoring varies for each child.  In general, sessions are held twice each week and last 60 mins for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade and 90 mins for students in grades 4-12 and though this may vary depending on individual circumstances.


Private and Semi-Private Setting

K-8th Grade Level:
​Private Tutoring: $55/hr
• Semi-Private (2 on 1): $40/hr
Homework Help Club (4 on 1): $25/hr

9th-12th Grade Level:
• Private Tutoring: $60/hr
• Semi-Private: $45/hr

Subject Areas

Academy Learning Centers' Tutors and Coaches excel in many subjects for grades Kindergarten through Grade 12.

​Our tutors have particular expertise, credentials, graduate degrees and multi-year experience in the following areas: 

  • Mathematics - all areas from Early Math up to Algebra, Geometry, and High School Calculus
  • Language Arts
  • Creative and Persuasive Writing
  • Phonics, Remedial Reading, and Reading Comprehension up through high school
  • Spanish for all skill levels
  • Bilingual instruction
  • Physical Science - all areas including Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • AP Courses
  • SAT prep for Math and Reading