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It’s a tough time. No doubt. And scary, what with city-wide emergencies and curfews. When our 9-year old overhears the news reports, we stop to assure her that she and her siblings are safe, and add that we need to recognize the frustration of those peaceful protesters trying to have their voices heard.

Meanwhile, it may take a daily, conscious decision to make sure we sift through the news in order to reveal the good things going on around us. Almost 200k people loved a tweet from this past Saturday morning asking Minneapolis volunteers to come and bring a broom. Yesterday Sacramento also responded with its own impromptu broom brigade in Midtown as residents showed up to find many more like-minded neighbors at their side, along with The Downtown Sacramento Partnership. 

Our true selves have a chance to shine when we are given the chance help our neighbors. This current environment seems to be handing us two opportunities: 1) to be reminded of what the face of discrimination looks like and teach our kids that we may all be different in our varied and wonderful ways, but it’s also about “the content of their character” and to 2.) to teach our kids to follow the example of the broom brigades and one day be the ones to step up and give their time, talent, and treasure to those in need.

One of our upcoming summer online courses this month is “Team Building and Creativity For Future World Leaders”. We hope to teach tools to future leaders the week of 6/29-7/3. There are also a number of in-person and online camps on the schedule that integrate collaboration, critical thinking, confidence-building, and team work: ”Gamify: Finding Games in Your Chores”, “Laptop and iPhone Orchestra”, “Mind Your Own Business: Kid Entrepreneurs”, and “Here Comes the Fun: Stand-up, Confidence, & Improv”.

We may all be asking ourselves; “what more can I do?” As a busy mom myself, I admit it’s hard to often see beyond today’s to-do list. (It’s such a great feeling to check off those tasks!) Working together as one unified community, however much we wish it, is not something we can easily check off a list and move on. As I was contemplating that daily conscious effort, it occurred to me how the Academy may be able to serve in this capacity. I hear how the Academy could serve as a forum for sharing ideas.  Often I have parents and guardians gathered in my lounge area exchanging ideas and sharing opinions.  As we have offered formal workshops in the past to support homeschooling families, I see how the Academy might serve as a venue where ideas could be shared. Please give me a quick shout if you’re interested in contributing. 

Here are few inspirational stories that moved me this past weekend and might help you integrate current events into everyday interactions with your kids. There are also a few resources for you if your kiddos seem anxious.

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