• Who: Students in Grades 5-9

  • What: personalized support, homework help, math games
  • Where: live online w/ 1:1 breakout.
  • Cost: $100/week for up to 10 hours. (4-week minimum enrollment)
  • Safety: Students choose avatar dog and pseudonym
  • Personalized Learning Plan and Math/ELA Platform A Cognitive Assessment developed by the UPenn Neuroscience Center and a consultation with a K12 Advisor provides the most advanced Personalized Adaptive Learning Plan available anywhere. An Individual profile on our
  • Intelligent Tutoring Platform to practice between sessions; dynamic assessment creates baseline, identifies gaps, creates path to mastery. Math Language Arts

  • Dynamic Instructors (student, staff ratio: 3:1)
  • Academy Coach: 4-year college degree in education, child development, psychology or related w/ tutoring experience
  • Academy Mentor/Athlete: College student with straight As, active in sports; to mentor & motivate. 


Private Tutoring also available: $60/hour w/ discounts for 8 or more sessions.

Questions? 916-426-2656 (call/text)

Mary Finnegan

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