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Enabling Parental Involvement and True Adaptive Learning

Credentialed K12 Advisors is just a start.

K12 ParentWise delivers year-round educational advice and support to parents from Credentialed K 12 Advisors and a Support Team; K12 Tutoring/On-Demand Homework Help, plus the EdProfile/EdProject app; Adaptive Learning Plans powered by the “missing data”…

Tech-enabled Advocates and Data-driven Learning Plans

Offered by Employers to Empower Parental Involvement

Year-Round, Dedicated Credentialed K12 Advisors/Advocates managing:  

* Academic Mentors for K12 Tutoring + On-Demand Homework Help, Study Skills 

* Parent-owned, secure app w/ Personalized EdPlanner & Student Portfolio; links to school 

* Data-driven Recommendations, Interventions & AI-Adaptive Learning Plans   


K12 ParentWise Project Plan

Fall 2021

  1. Launch Families download the ParentWise app for closed beta testing/development, 
  2. Customer Feedback Loop (Lean Launchpad) contributes to development, 
  3. Board of Advisors, Education Advisors, Mom’s Cohort, HR/Benefits Committee all provide input towards full requirements, 
  4. Beta 2 release for open beta testing, 
  5. Gamma testing to all Academy Learning families (700+)

Winter/Spring 2022

  1. Gamma Testing by HR Committee and Select Employees
  2. ParentWise Launch with Employer Launch Partners


Supporting Research

“Family-School Relationship Survey”, Dr. Hunter Gehlback, Vice Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Education. click to read

“Parental Involvement and Student Academic Success” National Institutes of Health. click to read

“Parent and Family Involvement in Education” (PFI), National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education; click to read

“Out-of-School Influences and Academic Success“: click to read

“Out-of-School Factors Seen as Key: click to read

“The Coleman Report” click to read

“The Positive Relationship between Family Involvement and Student Success, pta.org. click to read

“Families with School-Age Children”; The Future of Children at Princeton University and the Brookings Institution. click to read

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