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Hybrid Summer Camps?

Academy Camps are in-person summer day camps that include both academics AND tons of outdoor fun, arts, games, science and more.  The academic goal is to identify areas of concern in Math, Reading and Language Arts and chart a path forward.  We call the path, the Student Success Plan (SSP) because everyone loves acronyms, right?  

From our experience over these past nearly 8 years, we know parents often need an incentive to encourage their kids to do anything involving academics during the summer. We are happy to oblige.  Our Credentialed Teachers and Mentor+Motivators along with our dynamic Camp Counselors, young kids still in college, create just the right atmosphere to motivate and inspire.  Our Camp Counselors come with a combination of skills including sports, music, drama, arts and more.  The goal is to deliver lots of “disguised learning” experiences to change attitudes towards academics and make great memories, even as we transition out of the pandemic.  


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