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Founded by a science teacher turned homeschooling mom.  HomeLearners and HomeLearners Online

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COVID-19 News: scroll below. 

HomeLearners is Online

Welcome Charter School Families

HomeLearners Academy, part of Academy Learning, is pleased to welcome families and students enrolled in Charter Schools across California.  We are an approved vendor of all California homeschooling charters schools. 

COVID-19 Closures and Virtual Classes

With the announcement of the suspension of face-to-face classes offered by vendors, HomeLearners accelerated the release of HomeLearners Online. Classes Resumed 3-23-2020 and we completed our Spring 2020 HomeLearners schedule on May 15th.   

Fall 2020 is Going to Be Big!

HomeLearners Online: We have been busy recruiting dozens of super-creative, super-smart superstar instructors for Fall 2020.  We monitor online course offerings across the U.S. and we will never stop adapting, adding new courses and strengthening core subjects and all the extra-curricular courses we offer.  We desire to make our efforts a genuine partnership with schools, teachers and families.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Our kids deserve the best we can offer.  

Stay tuned for the release of Fall 2020 Courses and Schedule: Expected posting: June 1, 2020. 

Stay in Touch for Updates

To inquire about classes available to families enrolled with your charter, please send an email to or text or call 916-426-2656

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COVID-19 Closures: Everyone's a Homeschooler

Suddenly everyone's a homeschler, right? Well at Academy Learning + HomeLearners Academy, we have years of experice serving both traditional and homeschooling families. 

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About HomeLearners

Headquartered in Sacramento with clients throughout California.

HomeLearners Academy was founded by a science teacher and homeschooling mom of 6 who got her start teaching in an innovative, all-girls middle school in inner-city Boston that focused on intensive academic intervention.   

HomeLearners began serving homeschooling families in 2014 when we partnered with South Sutter, an IEM school, to offer the Project Lead the Way science curriculum.  From there, HL branched out to other subjects demanded by parents and kids.  Parents responsed to a philosophy they shared with Salli; parents are the  primary educators of their children.  Partnering with parents to achieve their educational priorities and goals fulfills a goal Salli set while pursuing her M.Ed. at Boston College.   

HomeLearners serves families and students in collaboration with exceptional, dedicated Credentialed Teachers and innovative homeschooling charters such as Inspire, South Sutter (IEM), and Heritage Peak (Pacific Charter).   

Salli always sought out feedback and ideas from her own kids, other parents, and charter school professionals. As her own boss and thanks to excellent collaborative relationships with the charters, Salli could be responsive both to her clients - families and their children - as well as to the charter school teachers who serve them. Thanks to satisfied families and teachers, HomeLearners continued to grow.   

HomeLearners now offers a broad array of classes from Spanish to Shakespeare, Ceramics and Cooking, LEGO Robotics and Coding to Drama, Creative Writing, Meet the Masters Art Appreciation and more.  In response to requests from charter school leaders, HomeLearners began adding online access to live and recorded classes through HomeLearners Online, powered by Zoom Education, with interactive collaboration tools, shared whiteboard, dripped content, and robust reporting features.  HomeLearners was built thanks to a collaboration between a homeschooling mom and a dedicated group of charter school leaders and teachers.  We hope HomeLearners or HomeLearners Online has something you're looking for. Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you. 


A little bit about our classes...

CORE (Reading, Writing, Math)
S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Supervised Lunch: Free for students with 2 or more classes. 

Independent Study: Supervised time available for 6th-8th graders to work independently between classes. 


We are always looking to expand our service area. If you are in a rural area or other community one hour or less from Sacramento, please contact us to discuss how we might organize a program for your area/group: