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It has become an all-too familiar sight on our own laptops: Zoom, Bluejeans, FaceTime, Google Meet… all of our friends, family, and colleagues are divided into little squares on a screen.  There is the very real phenomenon of “Zoom fatigue” since last Spring;  mental exhaustion due to too much time spent live online. As parents, we are looking to do whatever we can to protect our learners from turning into little gremlins due to negative impacts on their mental, emotional, and physical health caused by excessive amounts of time spent on a screen this Fall semester. 

It may take extra efforts, but parents are making sure keep their child’s social groups intact. Through our AcademyLearning2Go program, we are helping local schools and homeschooling groups come together in Learning Pods.  If necessary for health and safety, they meet online, but with COVID-19 modifications in place, our tutors are also coming to homes where groups of students meet. We provide the academic setting, although just as important as the learning is the collaboration and “real” face-to-face time. We also encourage parents to have their Learning Pod groups meet as a social group or as a study hall. 

We find ourselves instilling a new routine, taking care of our kids in ways that came naturally before social distancing was the norm.  It is a time of self care, and of giving our kids new ways to practice it.  Check out some of our online enrichment classes that focus on self care, fitness & nutrition, culinary arts, etc. Though still online, we hope they provide a few ways for kids to diversify their days beyond live online classes. 

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