Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

10 HOURS FOR $425

6:00 - 7:00

Meet Mr. Jared Harris, your college test prep instructor. See how he weighs the importance of the SAT test when CBS Sacramento recently paid us a visit:

Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

ADD one individual session each week and a corrected practice test
Cost: $750/10-week session

Individual College Coaching

Reading Comprehension/ Writing and Math Prep

Individual College Coaching

One-on-one counsel and support through the entire college admissions process with an experienced college counselor.

Cost: $150/hour

What College-Bound Academy Does

College Bound Academy dedicates itself to the success of each student.  We are parents who understand the heavy responsibility of preparing a child for college. We're here to help. 

1) Tutoring, Study Skills and SAT Prep
To start, CBA provides the best available tutoring and academic support for high school students. Our tutors excel at improving grades, restoring confidence, and building motivation. In addition, we recommend every student spend at least 3 hours with our Study and Organizational Skills guru taking a diagnostic of strengths and weaknesses in this area and shoring up any areas of weakness.  To prepare for the SAT, CBA stresses both the mastery of SAT Math and Language Arts content, as well as both the editing and essay writing skills that are part of the new SAT.  Finally, CBA excels at teaching powerful test-taking strategies that characterize success on the SAT.  

2) Career Exploration and College Research
CBA students are guided through a self-exploration process with the help of powerful career and college planning tools that prompt a lot of thinking and additional research as well as honest conversations between parents and students. Our consultants are adept at facilitating this process and at increasing the likelihood for success and satisfaction with the choices that are made.

3) College Admissions Consulting
Our Sacramento-based consultants are experienced at guiding families through the college planning process.  Along with these local experts, CBA has access to and interacts with a nationwide network of consultants to benefit our students unique situations. These outside consultants specialize in helping students targeting schools in certain regions (e.g. Northeast, Big 10), specific colleges, colleges known for strong programs in certain majors and/or colleges who excel at specific sports. Access to this network makes us unique in Sacramento college admissions consulting.  

4) Application Prep and Essay Writing
CBA Consultants closely assist with every aspect of the application and are very knowledgeable about the Common College Application and Universal College Application.   CBA begins focusing on writing in preparation of the and teach the essay writing process and counsel on content for maximum impact.

​5) Financial Aid Advising

Scholarship and Financial Aid Advising: Starting early on scholarships and hitting aid deadlines are just the beginning.  Negotiating with schools after acceptance is where help from CBA can make the real difference.​​

The Process

  1.  Establishing a plan for improvement with benchmarks and milestones. 
  2.  Connecting parents and students to academic tools for use outside of tutoring sessions. 
  3.  Creating a college-prep plan for the students' remaining years in high school. 
  4.  Providing both public and proprietary tools to continue the process of planning for college as well as individual specialized sessions. 
  5.  Conducting workshops for parents and students with guest speakers at CBA as well as webinars on various topics of interest to college-bound students and their parents.
  6.  Calling on a network of outside specialists from across CA and the U.S. who focus on the college, major, sport, etc. of interest to your student. 

Our Mission

College-Bound Academy takes a comprehensive approach to supporting high school students and their parents as they work together to prepare for college.  For our CBA families, the four years of high school are viewed as four years of preparation for college and beyond.

How is CBA different? (or "How has technology/the internet changed the College Admissions Consulting business and do I still need to spend $5000+ on private college admissions consulting sessions?").

If you have researched college admissions consultants recently, you would think it was still the late 1990s.

Even as education itself has been changed by the internet and other phenomena such as the MOOC Movement (Massive Open Online Courses), college admissions consulting has largely failed to adapt to become more efficient and a better value for consumers.  CBA is different.  In a nutshell, CBA only wants its clients to pay for what the non-professional layperson cannot do for themselves.

Through free resources such as the Big Future site at, students themselves can get started on much of the planning and learning and save other questions for where a professional college admissions consultant can truly add value. 

College Admissions Consultants who specialize in students seeking entrance into specific colleges with especially low acceptance rates, those pursuing a specialized major, or in athletes seeking sports scholarships, have something unique to offer and can truly make economic sense.  As with academics and life, students and parents who take the initiative and begin early to educate themselves on the college admissions process will, in the end, learn more about themselves and their college investment. These students will stand out in interviews and personal essays that reflect both their own hard work and research, and the wisdom of having sought professional advice where necessary.

The College Question

Why college?

If you have teenage children, pat yourself on the back. Unlike our parents for whom the goal of college was a given and success in high school ensured success in college and beyond, today's parents face a higher-education "industry" that is in transition, or in a period of upheaval depending on who you talk to. Our parents never read news articles questioning the value of a traditional college education. Where do you turn?

College Bound Academy, in addition to all the support and tools, aims to support parents in achieving success in their very important job of helping their children find success themselves.  There is strength - and wisdom - in numbers. What we learn in the process of supporting our clients, you will learn too. Check back here for announcements on innovative sessions designed to share and learn from other parents and from noted experts in their fields.