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Forming the Whole Person

“It’s True Mom; Sports Make You Smarter”

The research couldn’t be more conclusive; “participation in school sports demonstrated a significant standardized effect on academic achievement.” Team sports bolster the 5 Cs; competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring.

What is Academy Athletes?

Primary Mission

Our primary mission is to promote the connection between youth sports and academic achievement to: encourage young athletes to pursue academic excellence.

Participation in Youth Sports is on the Decline

Academy Athletes seeks to partner wtih youth sports organizations and national and regional parent groups to help reverse the decline in participation in by through joint marking initiatives customized for both the partner and audience.

Don't Just Teach Them What, Teach Them How

Academy Learning provides free study skills workshops based on the widely-recognized LASSI System (Learning and Studies Strategy Inventory, by Claire Ellen, Ph.D.). For a small fee, we can administer the LASSI Inventory, revealing key insights into a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Mentoring by Scholar-Athletes

Current/former college scholar-athletes are made available for motivational talks at team practices/events at no cost. 1:1 Mentoring is facilitated according to league-specific guidelines.


Academic Mentors (Tutors) are matched with students for Tutoring+ according to a common interest in a given sport. Tutoring+ is a comprehensive academic support model that enages both parents and teachers. click for more.

Fundraising for Teams, Leagues, Organizations

As part of its social enterprise mission, Academy Learning’s Affiliate Marketing agreement allows teams to share a dedicated registration link and receive 10% of Year 1 revenue for any family that signs up for paid services. No team affiliation, required. No geographic or $ limit.

Promoting Scholar-Athletes is in our DNA

Why Academy Athletes?

Academy Athletes was launched based on 8+ years of working with parents, teachers, and students to crack the code on student motivation. Almost by accident, we observed that certain students with long-term struggles in the classroom responded to current/former athletes with whom they shared a passion for sports. Checking the research, it is clear that
the motivation and discipline emphasized by coaches are key factors in student achievement.
In response, Academy Learning
  • hires background-checked, graduates of 4-year colleges/universities who played high school or college sports. We strive to match Academic Mentors (Tutors) with middle/high school students according to a shared interest in sports to establish a positive peer relationship.
  • Academy Athletes will send one of our Scholar-Athletes to a team activity to deliver motivational life skills talks connecting success in academics to achievements in sports.
  • Offers Study and Organizational Skills Workshops to teams at no charge.
To inquire about an Academy Athletes program for your team, please contact:
Mary Finnegan
mary (at)
call/text: 916-426-2656
Academics & Athletics in One Powerful App
  • Personalized Education Profile / Learning Plans; cognitive assessment, academic gaps, key factors.
  • Credentialed K12 Advisor; dedicated, year-over-year support. 
  • Secure, private, parent-owned. FERPA-compliant data sharing w/ school.
  • Integrate and manage; student academics, development, extracurriculars, sports, etc.

Fundraiser for Youth Sports Leagues: 10% Revenue Share


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