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Summer 2020 Is Online and Ready

May 17, 2020

Classes start June 1st!

Our Summer 2020 Schedule for Online Camps/Classes is a click away. Tomorrow families can purchase individual classes being offered during specific weeks.  For questions please email Salli at

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CBS Sacramento

Meet Mr. Jared Harris, our college test prep instructor. See how he weighs the importance of the SAT test when CBS Sacramento recently paid us a visit:

Why Academy Learning?

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director


• Confidential Parent Advocate

• Liaison between school, teacher and home

• Accountable to parents

• Extensive knowledge of local public/private schools, teachers and standards

​• Available to attend SST, IEP or other family/school meetings

Personalized Tutoring with a 360° Diagnostic

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director


• Initial and Ongoing Academic Assessments used as a baseline to identify exactly what is needed  

• Factors outside of school; home, sports, extra-curricular  

• Self-Knowledge Assessment; choice of peers, teacher rapport.  • ALC program seen in context of long-term educational plan.

Learning Partnership: Parents, Teachers, ALC

Unique Role of Salli Ford, ALC Founder/Director

Learning Partnership: Parents, Teachers, ALC


Our aim is to facilitate a collaboration between home, school, and our Academy to complement the good work already being done. ALC's philosophy recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children and the final decision-makers regarding what their children learn at ALC.

Extraordinary Tutors

Straightforward Pricing

Learning Partnership: Parents, Teachers, ALC


Our tutors have a California Teaching Credential and/or several years of classroom/tutoring experience. Our tutors implement a personalized Academic Game Plan, with input from parents/teachers, and communicate regularly with Salli with weekly Progress Reports. 

Proven Results

Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing


On top of exceptional academic results, Academy Learning Centers builds the confidence, motivation, and focus truly needed to succeed in academic environments.

You don't even have to take our word for it! 

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Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing


The hidden costs and extra fees with most tutoring companies can be exhausting and discouraging. Academy Learning Center is completely transparent from the beginning. We use Pike13, a software that includes visibility for clients, for our appointments and pricing.

S.A.T. Prep


Taking a look at the Test:

Test structure

Test scoring

When, and how many times, to take the test

Test content (Math and Verb)


Testing algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, advanced math, and additional topics (tested in both the Calculator and No-Calculator sections)


The “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Test”: testing reading, writing & language skills.

Your Essay Portion:

Testing your ability to read and analyze documents, and produce a coherent, critically reasoned, appropriately evidenced, persuasive, written response 

Test-taking strategies:

Content-based triaging, process of elimination, backsolving, UN-informed guessing, optimal time-management, and more.

Test myths:

The SAT is an intelligence test, you can’t prep for the SAT, you can’t guess on the SAT, the SAT isn’t that important, and more. 


Our SAT instructor, Jed Harris, was born and raised in Sacramento, attending Sacramento Country Day School and Jesuit High School. He has taught the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT for the Kaplan Test Prep Companies. He has also tutored various subjects to elementary school, high school, and college students, in both a group setting, and one-one-one. Jed graduated magma cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA, and has a Masters in Public Policy and Masters in Financial Engineering from UC Berkeley. 

Study Skills Workshops

1. Time Management

2. Pre-reading skills

2. Pre-reading skills

Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of planning and time management. Build lasting habits for planning and scheduling time effectively to support college-bound goals.  

2. Pre-reading skills

2. Pre-reading skills

2. Pre-reading skills

Understand the importance of applying pre-reading activities to the students’ own materials.

3. Note-taking

4. Paraphrasing

4. Paraphrasing

Identify best note-taking methods that work best for the individual student. 

4. Paraphrasing

4. Paraphrasing

4. Paraphrasing

Demonstrate understanding of importance of paraphrasing as a critical thinking skill for academic learning.

Meet Miss Kathy


Meet our Study Skills Guru: Kathy Hannaford


Kathy Hannaford has been working in the Science Success Center at American River College for the past fifteen years, teaching college students core competencies in skills ranging from Time Management through Note-taking and Test Analysis. Kathy’s background in the Biological sciences makes her well qualified to guide students through the rigors of navigating middle and high school science courses. She's been with Academy since the beginning and has continued success with our students as she helps them to navigate through class assignments and tests

Writing Skills Workshops


Techniques for Generating a First Draft

  • When and where to write..
  • Writing with pen and paper (not just on screens)

The 5-Paragraph EssayCrafting a Strong Thesis Statement

  • Conversational/casual voice
  • Relating spoken thoughts to those on paper.
  • Constructing arguments
  • Using supporting evidence 

Everyone has their own unique way of speaking... 

Exposing Students to Challenging but "readable" texts

Finding ways to navigate your interpretation and critical analysis

Reading other students' writings for Inspiration/Examples

Our Writing Instructor, Mr. Nathan:


Much of his college experience, including psychology, early childhood development, and numerous writing classes, prepared him as an educator in a Montessori classroom. He describes his "most focused and salient academic loves are certainly music and writing". He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in English Literature at Sacramento State, coupled with a certification in composition, and his plan is to continue to a PhD program so he might publish critical pieces in literature theory and teach at the university level. Mr. Nathan feels that his "fascination with language penetrates through each and every grade level. It not only fuels my creative writing; language & writing also extend into my love of music". 

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